Pipers first two weeks

Wow! I can't believe it's been two weeks.  We are all doing great (a little tired of course) but for the most part everything is good.  We had our first doctors appointment Tuesday after she was born and she had lost almost a pound, which is of course stressful.  The doctor wasn't too worried but told us to get lots of rest, drink lots of water (me), and nurse on demand/or every 3 hours...and if she didn't seem satisfied to supplement a couple ounces of formula.  We went home and got the next 3 days I nursed and pumped a lot :). I'm tying to pump more this time to not only boost my supple but stock some milk away early.  We went back to the dr. on Friday and Piper had gained 6 oz which was really good!  She was back up to 8 lbs, 9 oz.  and without having to supplement.  We now don't go back until mid October.  One thing Piper does that Lily never did is cluster feed which is exhausting but seems to be only once and a while.

Sleep has been really pretty good 
too.  At night I feed her around 9, 12, & 3 (give or take an hour...sometimes it's around 1 & 4).  Then we are up around 6:30/7 and I nurse again and pump.  At this point we don't really have a day time schedule, I just nurse on demand and she snoozes in between.  I was so worried about a schedule with Lily, this time I'm trying to just go with the flow a little more.  I know in the next few weeks a schedule will fall into place.  

A few other things that are different this time around is that Piper definitely likes to be held more than Lily.  She also prefers to fall asleep while nursing.  Both I would happily welcome if I wasn't also chasing after a 2 year old.  She's also a lot more noisey :)

I think Piper has met just about everyone in a couple hundred mile radius.  We've been so lucky to have great friends and family bring us lots of dinners and goodies.  Tonight will be our first night actually cooking a full meal for ourselves.
Here is a little breakdown of our week & visitors...unfortunately I failed to take very many pictures :(

Monday 9/15 Melissa & Jack visited

Tuesday 9/16 Dr. in morning, 
Cameron & Reese and Sally visited

Wednesday 9/17 Micaela, Ensley & Quinn visited 

Thursday 9/18 Dawn visited and Grandma Janet came for the weekend

Friday 9/19 met playgroup friends at kids museum 

Saturday 9/20 surprised Kerry at work for brunch and Kristen & Kerry came for dinner

Sunday 9/21 We visited Busams in Napa, met a friend of mine from High School for brunch and Chamians visited us in afternoon

Monday 9/22 Music class & Connor

Tuesday 9/23 Playgroup at Sarah's & Fullers visited that evening 

Wednesday 9/24 met Rosey, Vanessa & Zara at kids museum, Jamie stayed the night 

Thursday 9/25 walked to park w/ Kellie

Friday 9/26 met playgroup friends at kids museum and Grandma Anne came up for dinner

Saturday 9/27 Patels came over for pizza

Sunday 9/28 rollies cousin Christine and family up from Oakland for play date & went out to lunch

Wow! I don't feel guilty about not entertaining Lily or staying in pjs today and resting up for Grandma Loris two week visit that starts tomorrow!  Visitors are of course wonderful and Lily & Piper sure are loved but it can be exhausting. Luckily recovery is a lot smoother this time around and having a toddler makes you get out and about a lot sooner!


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