39 weeks

Cooking time: 39 weeks, 5 days!

Weight gain: 28 lbs

Food cravings: spicy sausage and sweets of course...luckily I've had my fair share of sweets from Rollie's birthday weekend. 

Sleep: Actually really good.  I think I'm physically just exhausted & done being pregnant that I've been passing out at night.  I've also consistently been napping during Lilys nap.

Movement: Still a big mover.  She's definitely dropped so it's easier to breathe but of course you trade off more pelvic pressure.

Overall feelings/symptoms: Lots of braxton hicks, pelvic pressure, and getting tired very easily.   Getting up and down is really hard...pretty much just really uncomfortable.  My belly is actually sore, because there is No. More. Room.

What we've been up to: Mostly trying to enjoy time with Lily...trips to parks, playing outside, and several trips to the childrens museum.  We celebrated Rollie's birthday with a nice dinner out on Friday night while my cousin and his girlfriend babysat. I slaved away at a cookie dough ice cream cake for Rollie :)  Saturday we had a few friends over for the Stanford game and made green chile queso for the first time this season.

                  39 weeks with Lily

             39 weeks with baby sis 


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