We started June off with stroller strides of course (our Monday jam) and then our friend Kasey did mini photo sessions of the girls as a project with a  kids shop owner in a nearby town, I'll share her pictures later...the ones below are just from my phone.  Ensley and Lily played so well together before and after getting their pics taken and of course Piper was perfect.  After the photo sesh we went to KIN in Windsor for lunch, it was pushing it for nap times but the girls did pretty good and they got to make their own pizza to share.

Lily has really been taking a liking to Piper and she read her a bedtime story that night.

Tuesday I had my first body back bootcamp assessment at 5:30am.  We got weighed, measured and did several timed exercises to see where we match up at the end of 8 weeks.  I also managed to make it to Stroller Barre that morning too...double work out :)  Playgroup didn't happen because everyone was busy or sick so Amy and I took the kids to the museum to burn some energy.

The beginning of the work week was a blur, as usual.  Friday Grandma Janet came into town for the week to help Rollie out while I was heading out of town.  We went to Heritage Public House for dinner and Lily got to use her new 'munchmate' that I brought home from work, she loved it.  Piper is eating so well these days, she had rice, berries, and French fries at dinner.

Saturday after work I headed to Chicago for a long weekend to see my best friends Stephanie and Shannon.  I took the red-eye Saturday night so of course a flight of wine was in order at the airport.

I landed around 6am on Sunday morning and headed to Stephanie's house.  She just had the sweetest little boy, Samuel (8 weeks old).  We snuggled and relaxed until heading to Lincoln Park for brunch at Summer House with Shannon and Deidre.  We had yummy brunch cocktails and great food.  After brunch we had manicure and pedicures, saw this super cute donut truck on the way.  

After mani/pedis we shopped around a bit before heading back to Steph's.  We were all pretty tired so we ordered in Greek food and went to bed early.  Monday morning I got up and went for a jog around Stephanie's neighborhood and then her, Samuel and I walked along Lake Michigan.  It was a bit hot and humid but the lake looked beautiful.  We headed back to shower, while getting ready I indulged in an Oberon (not found here in California) :)

We headed downtown to shop and have drinks before dinner at Trump Tower.  While we were in Nordstrom's it was thunder storming and hailing! Luckily it cleared up enough for us to have a drink on the rooftop at Trump afterwards.  After drinks we headed to dinner at Siena Tavern.  Super cute pub that specializes in truffles.  We started with coccoli, puffy dough balls (somewhat like popovers) with prosciutto, mozzarella, and honey truffle oil...yum!  I got the 'pasta in a jar' for dinner with heirloom tomatoes, peas, basil, ricotta, pancetta, and olive oil.  Not on my eating plan but it was my one cheat meal :)  We went to bed early again and I slept for 9 solid hours...amazing!  Thanks Steph, for the super comfy bed!  

Tuesday morning came super quick and I packed up and headed to the airport.  It was such a great weekend, although way too short of course.  Its so hard as we get older and all have kids (or kids on the way) to travel across the country to spend time with each other.  But luckily when we are together its like nothing has changed in over 20 years.  Love you girls!  I also looked at my timehop and we have spent that same weekend together 3 out of the last 4 years so we are are now making the first weekend in June a new tradition! 

I was ready to get home to my girls and Rollie.  Thankfully we have things like facetime now.  I will say that traveling alone is pretty amazing, I watched Netflix, read magazines and slept!


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