Start of Summer

I'm a bit behind after getting back from Chicago.

We had Lilys end of year preschool ceremony.

It actually rained.

Rollie and I had a date night while Grandma Janet was here.

I had a great Stella &Dot show at Jean Claires.

We had a fun family pizza night at the Patels to say goodbye to their old house before moving to a new one here in Santa Rosa.

I went up to Goldeneye with some work friends.  The girls did great.

We enjoyed some outdoor meals.

Grandma Anne came up for and afternoon and dinner.

I had the stomach flu for 4 days. No fun.

We celebrated Fathers Day with breakfast out, a long walk at Spring Lake, and naps :)

We enjoyed the baby pool and hot temps this past week.

I had some friends stop by for a visit while they were in town wine tasting.

Lily and I snuggled one morning (since I was still not 100%).

I had a work picnic at Three Palms Vineyard.

Lily loves her trampoline.

K&K came over for a BBQ.

I had a mothers night out at a pottery painting studio, super fun.

Diane was on vacation this past week so Piper had fun at three different playdates.  I have the best friends anyone could ask for.  I know that its not an easy task to watch a 9 month old all day, so I thank you all so much!!  Piper played with Ruby on Wednesday, Quinn and Ensley on Thursday and Jackie on Friday.  Kasey even snapped a few 'real' pics of Piper.


  1. I love this--- what a great way to celebtrate memories. The girls are beautiful-- would love to see you all


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