November already?!

Well it took a full week for Piper and I to recover from pink eye but everyone else avoided it. I survived my first pick up party weekend at work.  

I brought Lily home a big pumpkin cookie.

We got some pictures from Lily in action at school. Sadly we missed her Halloween carnival.

Piper had a Halloween party at daycare.

We drove down to Orange County, left the girls with my aunt and uncle and escaped to the desert for a wedding! It was so nice to have 48 hours childless. My friend Jamie and Chris tied the know Friday night before Halloween. We were still gone for Halloween but my Aunt and Uncle took the girls to a few houses. Lily wore her superwoman costume.  Sunday we enjoyed my aunts backyard and sunset drinks at the ritz. The girls wore third matching drindls from Germany. Monday was a long, long, long drive home :/


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