October 17th through 23rd

The end of October is a bit of a blur for me as its our biannual Pick up Weekend at work.  We see close to 4000 List Members and guests in just 3 days.

October 17th: The girls and I ran errands and then took a nice walk to see the neighborhood cows after naps.  Also tried on Halloween costumes for Auntie Kerry and Kristen because they came over for dinner :)

October 19th: Lily had her first big girl field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, I got to escape work for a few hours to hang out with her. They took the bus (Lily's favorite part) to Grandma's Pumpkin Patch in Healdsburg.  They picked out pumpkins, made pasta necklaces, rode the tractors and saw the baby farm animals.

October 20th: We took an evening stroll to the train tracks.  The new Smart train is almost open and the girls are obsessed with it. 

October 21st: After work I met up with a coworker and her friend for drinks and dinner.  We started off at Duke's in Healsburg and ran into Davy Crockett (hehehe) followed by dinner at Baci.  It was a nice night 'off' before the crazy weekend at work.

Friday through Sunday I was working at the Pick Up Party.  Rollie took the girls to the new trampoline park on Saturday morning.  Micaela and Angela volunteered at the party on Sunday, and the girls came to visit with Rollie and Chris!

By Sunday night it was time for snuggles and movies.


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