I broke my own promise to write/post something everyday, and I don't even have a good excuse! It has been a busy month though. I went to Orange County and LA to visit friends and family since I wasn't going to Michigan for the Holidays. My Aunt and I went for a great walk on the beach in Newport, and it really made me miss the ocean. The following day I spent time with friends and went to one of my favorite places in Hermosa, Fritto Misto (byob wine). It really made me grateful for my wonderful friends, I miss them tons up here.
Then the Holiday festivities began. I love Christmas! We definitely went all out in our cozy apartment. Hopefully next year we'll have a big house to decorate. We attended a few parties, and had a few at our place. Christmas eve was low key and stress free with Rollie and his mom. The four (it was Rufus's first Christmas) of us woke up Christmas morning, opened presents, had a yummy breakfast, and lounged around until 1ish. That afternoon Rollie and I headed down to Davis to our best friend, Chris and Amy's parents house. We had a great dinner and played a bunch of games. Now its back to reality.
I need to get out and take pictures, and that's definitely one of my 'resolutions' We had a low budget Christmas this year, and Rollie was very creative. One of his themed gifts were pens, pencils, binders, notebooks, and a few photography books! This is my motivation before my classes start. Here a few shots from the month.


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