In the thick of it

Hopefully monthly blogging won't become a habit.  Life has just been crazy.  April was a big blur. We host a bi annual pick up party at work and for the months of April and October I'm pretty much a working like mad or exhausted from working like mad.  Then it took a week to feel normal again! I'm also working split days at the moment (off on Sunday/Tuesday) and its really not fun.  I can't truly enjoy a weekend and its really hard to decompose on Sundays knowing that I have to work the next day.  Hopefully I only 2 more months of it until Piper can start at Lily's preschool/daycare.

Rollie was a rock-star Dad as always, taking care of not only the girls but me too.  I know there were days that I was grumpy and not myself.  They did come to visit me one day during the craziness and that helped!

Lily is wonderful 90% of the time and a threenager the other 10%.  It's absolutely amazing what a 3.5 year old absorbs and their tiny little imaginations are just the best right now. She's just like her momma as in she loves her friends-she talks about them all the time and gets very sad when we leave them after hanging out.  I've been like that for as long as I can remember!  She is doing great at school-and brings home about 50 art projects a week...and every time she comes running in the door and says 'mommy mommy, look at what I made you' -just about the sweetest thing ever.  She's obsessed with matching Piper.  You wouldn't think that the older sister would want to match her younger sister but it's her favorite thing right now.  I don't really have matching outfits either since most of Piper's wardrobe are hand me downs from Lily!  We try to get it close :) She definitely takes a little push to want be outside (where Piper would live outside if she could) but once she is out, its fine.  She's like her daddy though (doesn't like to get dirty :)  She's very proud of showing things off to people (her room, the new bathroom-she calls it her bathroom, her dress up clothes, etc).  Sadly she is still quiet the picky eater, but on the other hand we've definitely succumbed to it and could be alot better about offering different foods.

Piper has gotten out of that frustrating toddler stage and is doing much better at communicating and getting around.  There was about a 1-2 month period where she was just hard.  Couldn't walk, couldn't talk, was getting like 20 teeth at once...I just don't remember that phase with Lily.  But know she is so fun!  She's a tough one.  Her new nickname might as well be the Honey Badger, because she just doesn't give a f***.  Luckily she is so non stop that sleep is not an issue.  She crashes pretty hard by 7pm every night.  She is our good little eater too.  She's gotten a tad pickier (which I remember Lily doing too around this age) but she's pretty good.  She knows exactly what your saying-she just decides whether or not to hear you and follow what your saying!  Just yesterday at while playing at a friends I got all sentimental because she just doesn't look like a baby anymore.  Her neck and legs are thinning out :/  She wears 2T if not 3T!  Thank god for hand me downs...meanwhile Lily can still wear the same clothes from last summer-ha!  If I get a 2 second hug or snuggle out of her it's the best moment ever!  

They say the days are long but the years are short!  Boy couldn't be more right.  I'm so thankful to call these two mine.


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