Anderson Valley

Last Wednesday night Rollie and I headed up to Anderson Valley for some R&R.  It actually snowed on the way over (nothing was sticking but it was a pretty crazy drive).  We arrived just before 8pm to the converted Apple Dryer on Goldeneye's property.  The guest house is super cozy and has the most amazing views of the vineyards.  We made some nachos in the the little toaster oven and enjoyed a couple beers before calling it a night... exhausted from our work week and the drive up.

Thursday morning we woke up, made some breakfast and walked over to Goldeneye's tasting room (both of our first times there...although I had enjoyed the wines before) it was a cool, rainy day so we sat by the fireplace and enjoyed a tasting.  After Goldeneye we headed up the street to the bustling town of Philo (1 general store, a post office, hardware store and Libby's Mexican restaurant).  We grabbed lunch at Libby' carnitas both of us had ever had.  After lunch we continued up valley to Roederer for some bubbles followed by Standish, and then Grenwood Ridge Vineyards.  Standish stood out as our to Goldeneye of course.  Amazing Chardonnay and really nice Pinot.

Whats better than wine tasting?  Beer tasting of course!  Ok, that sounds bad...but Anderson Valley Brewing Company is in town as well.  We headed over just around 5ish and its an odd little spot...huge building with a very small bar and no kitchen (I could see it being a great summer spot in the beer garden though).  We shared a sampler and met some nice local folk and had a funny conversation about bootling (the local language of Boonville)...quiet funny.

After AVBC we headed back to the house to make pizza!  It was a bit challenging with just a toaster oven but that just makes it even more fun.  The next morning we woke up to sunshine and walked around the Vineyards a bit before heading home...very nice relaxing weekend


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