Check in Time

Time to check in again with my "30 before 30" goes!

62. lose 20 lbs (yep just throw the hardest one out there first) not too much progress on this one :(
63. Finish our stairway photo gallery this is on hold since we started looking for houses
64a. Make a dentist appointment this month (1/11)
64b. Make a doctor appointment (yearly check up) also this month (1/11) Appointment was 1/13
65. Save $500 for our Chicago/Michigan vacation in April $325 doing well
66. Pay off best buy credit card next month (2/11) will be done on Friday!
67. Go to gym or hike/run outdoors M-F for 30 days (started 1/10/11) Did well in Jan. but not so great in Feb...March is a new month!
68.Visit 5 new restaurants in Sonoma or Napa county 1.Mikes at the Crossroad in Cotati 2. Flavor in Santa Rosa 1/14 3. Rosso in Santa Rosa 1/20/11 4. Carlos Country Kitchen in Santa Rosa 2/10/11
69. Cook 2 new things every month 1.dumpling vegetable soup
70. Talk to long distance friends on a monthly basis been trying much harder
71. Make the bed everyday ( I used to be so good at this!) still improving
72. No TV before 7:30pm on work nights still failing horribly!
73. Walk rufus daily at least to camino calegio or Starbucks unless raining (distance guidelines) also not so great...need major improvement...but its been soo cold!
74. Read a book a month 1. billionaires vinegar 2. unbroken (half way through) also reading the wine bible
75. Get out and take more pictures got out last Friday and planning on venturing to Glen Ellen on Thursday with Rollie for some wine tasting which always includes creative picture taking!
76. Drink more water, try harder not to buy bottled water definitely big strides here...doing great :)
77. Stop buying crap I don't need (mostly clothes, shoes, etc) doing great as well!
78. Go skiing one more time this winter hoping to go this month but its already a busy March
79. Finish Scrapbooks that I've already started (Cozumel, MX)
80. Listen to live music or go to concert saw live music Saturday 2/28 at Cellars of Sonoma
81. Watch 3 original Star Wars movies and actually understand them
82. Wash my face before bedtime probably every other night in the last week...started off good but fell off
83. Have Rollie teach me how to make Soupash and have friends over for dinner party that night
84. Teach Rufus not to jump on everyone! not really sure how to go about this one??
85. Save up $ for a outfit from Lululemon bought a jacket :)
86. Make/Finish 2010 photo album
87. Update travel journal almost done, just a couple day trips to write about from this past Fall
88. Put curtains up in bedroom
89. Only use bluetooth in car also, no texting, facebooking, checking email in car trying really hard! Need to consistently charge bluetooth
90. 'Unplug' for a weekend, no phone, internet, or tv date planned 2/16-2/17 staying at company house on Goldeneye property (sister winery of Duckhorn)
91. No diet coke for 30 days I think I only had 3 in 30 days...need to keep it going :)


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