Back to house hunting...

Well we didn't get the home we put an offer on last we are back to searching.  We were disappointed but we just have to accept it and move one, it wasn't meant to be our first home.  We looked at a few places today and found another one we really like in probably one of the best neighborhoods in Santa Rosa.  Its a crazy learning process, especially with all of the foreclosures and short sales in todays market but we are staying positive :)  I don't have any fun recent pictures so I'm pulling one from the past...this was roughly 5 years ago at one of our best friends, Chris and Amy Downers rehearsal dinners in Folsom, time flies!

We are trying something new tasting...ha!  I have a mandatory meeting at work on my day if I have to be in Napa we might as well make a day of it :)  Pics to come of course.


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