Summer Vacation

Things are finally starting to slow down around here with Fall approaching us quickly.  At the end of August we both took some time off and crammed in one of the busiest vacations we've ever planned...a little too busy but oh well!  I flew to Chicago for a night, drove home with my best friend Stephanie to Michigan for 3 nights and a wedding, flew to LA for 2 nights where I met Rollie (who drove down by himself) visited LA friends, drove to Santa Barbara for a night, and then ended it with one night in Carmel....geez! I didn't have my camera in Michigan but snapped a few pictures on the latter part of the are a few:
The poopdeck in Hermosa Beach...where we had our first kiss :)

Kerrington...our good friends Ray and Tanya's little daughter

Madison(our friends Todd and Kerry's daughter) and Kerrington playing together

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Some pretty roses in Los Olivos

Walking around downtown Solvang

Our balcony view from our room in Solvang...finally relaxed here!


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