First Projects of 2012

Back to DIY projects around the house.  First up was to refinish the two ledges in our entryway/dining room.  The previous owner/owners had painted them black...yes black.  Rollie sanded them down back in November and they remained natural wood until this past week when we finally decided to paint them a glossy white to match the rest of our trim in the house.  It was between that a just staining them a darker wood tone, but the white won and it looks really nice against our walls.  We also attempted to finish painting the rest of our trim that didn't get done the first time around (kitchen/dining doorway, kitchen window trim/ledge, and next up the trim in our master bath).
During the sanding process, really?!

after...crisp white!

another shot of the after

one more...

All the trim matches!

The second project I worked on this week was to organize our 'pantry'...or lack there of.  We don't really have a pantry, but we have two long/deep cabinets that all of our food/spices/canned goods/etc are in.  I went to target and luckily they have all of their bins and baskets out right now (I guess everyone is trying to organize and start fresh for the new year). I bought 8 wire baskets and two shallow baskets (for spices/herbs).  I pulled everything out, organized, placed in bins, and used my handy label maker to label  them.  It looks sooo much better and makes me happy!  If we can't have a nice big pantry, at least I can make it accessible and neat!
Full 'after' view (no before pics)

Great baskets...$2 at Target

Finally organized!


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