11-12 Weeks

Technically I'm only 11.5 weeks but close enough, right?!  We've had the exciting job of telling more close friends and family about our little bundle of joy this past week.  We are just about ready to make it 'public' or 'Facebook official' if you will. I also sat down with my manager and HR at work to discuss my maternity leave.  My ideal plan is to stay home until the Holidays next year, but time will tell if I'll be able to swing that.

We had our 2nd Doctors appointment last Thursday, and everything looked great.  It was pretty emotional for both of us because he/she was very active and it was the first time we saw the ultrasound together :)

Cooking time: 11 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: -4 from pre-pregnancy weight...my appetite is back so its only a matter of time until I start gaining some weight.
Maternity clothes: Not yet. I did order a pair of maternity jeggings from Old Navy and some fold over black maternity leggings from the Gap...hopefully they work out.  I browsed Target today but they had nothing.  Looks like I'll be doing a lot of online shopping.
Fruit reference/size of baby: Plum...one of my favs!
Food cravings: red meat (burgers), apples, salty snacks and gummy bears (oh wait...that's all the time!)
Food dislikes: nothing yet
Missing: not really missing beer and/or wine as much anymore, I think I've come to terms with the fact that I won't/can't have it. I do miss diet coke and I was craving quizno's today (no deli meat allowed).
Having a pretty hard time sleeping through the night.  I tend to wake up around 2pm to pee and then I can't fall back asleep for a couple hours :(  Boo!

Fun things we've done this week: Last week was our yearly closure week at work so I organized closets, donated/got rid of stuff and we started our kitchen cabinets (separate post on that project)  They are taking ALOT longer than I thought.  They needed 3 coats instead of the recommended 2 and I've just been too tired after work to pick up a paint brush.  The energy is coming back though!  YEAH!
Last week I also met up with my best friend Stephanie in San Rafael for dinner (she was her on business) and then the following day Rollie and I spent a great afternoon in San Francisco at the exploratorium, window shopping in the Marina neighborhood and then dinner in North Beach with our friend Hollie.
11 weeks taken at the Exploratorium in San Fran


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