10 weeks

Well we got the best Christmas present we could have hoped for on 12/18/11. After a long day at work, feeling more exhausted than normal and a bit of nausea I decided to take a pregnancy test and we were very happily surprised to see a positive result. After misscarrying at a very early 8 weeks back in October we didn't expect to get pregnant again so soon...especially since I hadn't even had a period in between the miscarriage and positive test result. Now that I've been reading and researching like crazy, it actually sounds like women can often be the most fertile directly following a miscarriage. I disguised my holiday partying by giving Rollie extra pours of wine from my glass or 'drinking' out of an empty beer can. As I'm writing this only a very few friends and family know that we are pregnant...I'll most likely post this for general public view around valentines day/the beginning of my 2nd trimester.

I had my first doctors appointment and ultrasound at 8 weeks/4 days on 1/13/12. I saw the little one and heard the heartbeat which was so surreal. Our next appointment is thursday 1/26/12...Rollie's joining me this time which is super exciting! Our schedules have been completely opposite these days which is tough but it make our little time together that much better. We are planning on doing a lot these next 7 months, because we realize our lives will never be the same after 8/19/12...give or take a few days. We already headed to Arizona for the fiesta bowl, we're going to a golf tournament at pebble beach in Carmel February 9-10, Rollie's heading to Vegas in march with his fraternity brothers for march madness while I head to laguna to visit family, and then our big 'last' trip to Maui in may! Yep I'll be a huge 6 months by then but I can't wait! I'm sure there will be a few other small trips in there, lots of home improvements and visits to restaurants we've been meaning to check out.
Taken after our first Dr. appointment before a celebratory dinner

8.5 weeks

As for how I'm feeling...I'm ready for bed by 8 every night, I haven't had much motivation for the gym but I'm still going and getting in a little cardio, yoga, and my muscle blast class, I'm not sleeping well, I'm peeing a lot, and I'm scared! I have a great feeling this time around but it's of course still terrifying and tough to not tell the world!

I'll try my best to have weekly updates and I'm still trying to figure out how or if I want to physically document this...meaning the cliche 'belly' photos.

Cooking time: 10 weeks
Weight gain: -1...up from -3...my appetite has been less than normal/regular. During weeks 8 and 9 I barley ate dinner. I'm okay with this because I wasn't happy at my pre-pregnancy weight to begin with...I'm extremely stressed out about gaining too much weight, and I know I should just enjoy the next 7 months and eat healthy for both me and the baby but it's easier said than done. I seem to be wanting to eat dinner more often this week which is probably a good thing.
Maternity clothes: nope, luckily my work wardrobe already consists of a lot of leggings and forgiving, flowy dresses. My favorite pair of skinny jeggings still fit fine but they have quite a bit of stretch to them.
Fruit reference/size of baby: kumquat...I didn't even know what one looked like until I googled it today!
Food cravings: red meat,diet ginger ale,fruit (pears and grapefruit taste extra yummy), salty anything (but unfortunately I don't think that's a new one)
Food dislikes: nothing yet
Missing: wine and beer(haven't had anything but a sip since 12/18)..that's a given right?! My energy,sleeping thru the night.


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