14/15 Weeks

14ish weeks...not really sure how to take these pics on my own

closer to 15 weeks...excuse the iphone and dirty bathroom mirror!

Cooking time: 14 weeks, 5 days today
Weight gain: According to my scale I'm -1 from pre pregnancy weight, but according to the Dr. this morning I'm up 1 lb...but that's fully clothed and after I crammed a bagel with cream cheese & Odwalla OJ minutes before my doctors appointment.  Either way I'm fine with it.  My midwife was in a delivery this morning but we met with another midwife who we liked just as much and she said its perfectly fine if I don't start packing the pounds on until week 20 since I was a bit overweight to begin with.
Maternity clothes: Living in yoga pants, leggings and my bella band (with regular jeans)...the maternity jeans I ordered are great too...I just feel a bit weird wearing them and they don't stay up right now.  Its weird to think that I haven't put on much weight but my belly looks so bloated and bigger.  Looking EVERYWHERE for skinny white maternity jeans for spring time.
Food cravings: red meat, red meat, red meat! I've had steak and burgers 3 times this week.
Food dislikes: Nothing yet.
Missing: sleeping through the night and wine on special occasions.  We had dinner out with one of my closest friends from childhood/high school/college, Chris Menig and his girlfriend last Saturday and it was tough not joining everyone for fun cocktails and the 08 Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot I brought from work.

What we've been up to: 
-I had my prenatal screening for down syndrome and trisomy 17 a week ago and got the results this week that everything looks great and I'm very low risk for both.  We had our regular check up this week and heartbeat was strong and healthy.  I'll go in next Thursday, March 1st for my 16-18 follow up bloodwork and possibly finding out the sex!
-As mentioned earlier we had dinner with friends last Saturday and then spent the day with My Aunt Heidi and Uncle Perry all day yesterday who are visiting California for 50 days from Michigan.  We ate at Gotts (yep cheeseburger) visited Duckhorn, strolled around Healdsburg, enjoyed the 75 degree afternoon on my deck and then had some great Mexican for dinner.
-We ventured into landscaping for the first time today...we're in the process of ripping out EVERYTHING from our front yard so we started with the bed closest to the house along the front pathway.  We planted a few azalea plants/bushes and some bright yellow marigolds!  Hopefully we can make them last!
-3rd bedroom/nursery got cleaned out...now we just have to take down the lovely 80's wallpaper and decide on a color...I really want to do some wainscoting, but we will see how ambitious we are.
-Picking out solid countertops...YEAH for tax returns :)


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