Lily One Month

One Month Old!  I cant believe it!

Weight: 8 lbs 6 oz and 20.5 inches long.  She's finally growing like a champ.  These stats were from Tuesday (9/18) at her one month check up.  The doctor says all is well and we don't have to go back every week anymore.

Nursing is going way better!  We stopped supplementing formula and we are only giving her extra pumped milk maybe once a day when she still seems hungry after nursing.  She's not frustrated anymore on my left side (after a few days of always starting on that side she's learned to take to it just the same as the right).  This definitely makes all of our lives easier.  We've even had a few somewhat public nursing sessions and a few in the car while we are out and about.

Health: Great!

Diet:  100% breastmilk

Clothing: 0-3 month clothes are still big but haven't bought anything new and trying to get some use out of the cute summer outfits while its in the 80's this week.  One pair of her newborn pj's are getting smaller which is sad!

Sleep: Still pretty great.  For the most part I nurse her around 9 and she goes right down until 1 or 2 and sleeps again until 6ish, occasionally she can't hold off until then and wakes up hungry around 5.  The morning naps seem to be getting harder for her, she likes to be up more often so we've been going on our morning walks (and she will fall right asleep in the stroller and exploring tummy time on her activity mat.  Afternoon naps don't seem to be a problem :)  We need to start transitioning her to the crib, but I've been procrastinating, it will be tough not having her right next to me in her bassinet at night.

Baby Gear We're loving:
Still the same as last post.  We love the BOB (gotten a ton of use out of it...even a little 'off roading' at the Stanford tailgate).  Loves the bouncer, activity mat, and Dr. Brown bottles.

*She really likes tummy time but does get frustrated after too long.
*She still loves walks and car rides (puts her right to sleep).
*Loves Eskimo kisses...she gives a big smile afterwards!  We love it :)

Milestones/Firsts:  Lot's of firsts over the last 2 weeks.  Lily met her grandpa!  We spent a great weekend together last weekend which also included her first Stanford tailgate (Lily, my Dad and I didn't go the game but Rollie did...and a good game it was!).  We've gone wine tasting a few times, been out to eat a few times and shopping to two different malls! Our good friend Deidre was in town this weekend from Chicago so we spent some time wine tasting and just relaxing at home.  Lily is definitely starting to smile more too, which is just about the cutest thing ever!

Postpartum:  I feel like a different person compared to 2 weeks ago!  I feel so much stronger and my back pain is pretty much gone.  I've still just been walking but I'm ready to start doing more (at least yoga or some light cardio) but I'll wait until my 6 week check up to get the ok from the doctor.  I'd also like to shed 4 more pounds before my 6 week check up to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight...its just tough with breastfeeding...I'm still hungry all the time!  But its time to make better choices when I'm hungry...not eating whatever I want like I did when I was pregnant! Then after my 6 week check up I'm considering joining weight watchers to lose the 'after marriage/pre baby' 15-20 lbs!


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