Mini vacation

Lily and I are down in Orange County for a quick mini vacation. It's hard traveling down to souther California because there are always lots of friends and family we want to see, but this trip was reserved for the fam. We will be back in April for friends :) We're at my aunt Sara & uncle mikes in Laguna niquel and my grandma is here from Michigan. My uncle perry & aunt Heidi rented a condo all month right on the ocean bluff and my brother surprised me too! There are if course some cousins missing from the picture, my momma, and Rollie but its a nice relaxing 3 days.

I flew down Sunday morning and lily was yet again a traveling trooper. We grabbed some fish tacos on the way home and enjoyed catching up in my aunts backyard. Lily got a couple 6 month birthday gifts (spoiled much?!) A cute new outfit, cozy socks, and a couple books.

After lunch we headed over to the stables in San Juan to watch a family friend, Melissa's daughter, Keaton ride. That evening Melissa & Keaton had us over for an Oscar party!

Yesterday (Monday) we had a lazy morning while lily had a nice long morning nap after a not so great nights sleep. Then we headed down to strands beach for beautiful views and some exercise.

Lunch was in and out (my brothers first time), then a bit of shopping, and back to Sara's so lily could get another afternoon nap in.

We headed over to perry & Heidi's for sunset and fajitas at the condo...what an amazing view!

Today (Tuesday...yep, I'm writing this after a 3am nursing sesh) I'm getting my hair cute for the first time since before lily was born! Then were planning on heading up to Newport/balboa to stroll around and have dinner.

We're missing daddy (Rollie) and Rufus but they are enjoying some male bonding time, getting some projects done at home, and getting ready for Rollie's new job start date on Friday :)


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