Week in review

Life's been busy busy busy. I love being busy and having things planned but I'm dreaming of a lazy, loungy day right about now.

For the last two weeks my work schedule has been different, as I attended a concierge certification workshop...it was great but I love schedules and I feel like I've been off one for a while.

Last weekend one of Rollie's best friends, Tom was in town. They enjoyed some beer tasting on Saturday while I was at work and then the 3 of us went wine tasting on Sunday. Rollie's been amazing with his diet and I've been ok...not nearly as strict as him, but last weekend put us both back a bit but we know weekends like that will happen and you have to live life and indulge at times.

Lily and I hosted our first playgroup this past week and it had a fun valentines day theme...not to mention she had a weeks worth of valentines-ish outfits too.

I had my first book club happy hour meet up-nice mommy group adult time with out the babies.

It's Presidents' Day weekend now, so work was insane yesterday and I have to work today (Sunday). Boo!

Sorry for the short, random out of order post but didn't want to skip it all together. Hopefully in the near future ill go back to posting more than once a week.


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