A girl and her dog

One of my biggest concerns coming home from the hospital after having Lily was how our first 'baby' (our dog) Rufus would react. We brought him home the day after our honeymoon 4 years ago when he was just 10 weeks old so he's been a part of our family since day one. He's a very sweet dog but hyper and used to being spoiled. My mother in law brought home a blanket from the hospital to let him sniff the day before we brought Lily home. I'm not sure if this really helped at all but I've been very impressed with how well he's handled being a big brother.

And now over the last few weeks she's been obsessed with him. Following his every move with her eyes, gently petting him, and even excepting lots of wet kisses. Rufus on the other hand is still a bit apprehensive but warming up. He's also not once mistaken one of his toys for his own.

Tonight we had another couple over for dinner who I've met through our playgroup, Rosey & Tim and their daughter Vanessa. Vanessa just thought Rufus was the funniest thing around. I will admit he's a bit funny looking but her little baby giggle every time he walked by her was just too cute.

I'm so happy he's accepted Lily as his little sister.

Here are a few pictures of them together over the last few weeks and a few of Lily and Vanessa tonight...great friends in the making.


  1. I love the picture of Rufus and Lily kissing. I am not sure who is kissing who! I think he will do fine, he is not the kind of dog that will nip. He just leaves when it gets too intense.

    My only concern was that he might run her over in one of his post-poop runs around the house, but it will happen sooner or later. Such are the breaks when you have a critter in the house. It is funny to see Lily sitting up, just like a big girl. How quickly she grows!

    Thank you again (and again and again) for keeping up the blog. It makes it easier to be away from her. I know that you are busy and it takes time, but what a wonderful electronic baby book it will be.


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