7 Months

How do we have a 7 month old!?  It seems like just yesterday we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl! 

Weight: No idea...probably 15.5 or so

Diet:  Breastmilk, formula, peas, squash, sweet potatoes pears, apples, cucumbers, oat cereal, green beans, and prunes.

Sleep: Great.  Naps are becoming pretty consistent and nighttime is good too.  She typically takes a morning nap for an hour between 8-9, a catnap midday around 12 or so if we are out and about and then another hour to hour and a half between 3-5 somewhere.  After daylights savings we started to push bed time back a bit and its working in our favor.  We start bath time around 6:50, play or read for a bit, nurse and then bed time at 7:30.  She's usually up once between 2-3 to nurse and then back down until 7.  I'll take it! 

Health: Great.  

Baby Gear We're loving:
-baby Einstein jumper....still a bit too small for it but can tell it will be great
-piano play mat
-sofie the giraffe 
-stuffed bunny
-any teething toy she can get her hands on 
-Bob stroller
-crane humidifier 
-Ergo carrier

-bright stars stuffed elephant and giraffe with rubber feet for teething
-penguin mirror that she looks at during tummy time
-caterpillar wubbanub (paci)
-baby Einstein octopus (says colors in 3 different languages)
-Captain Calamari stuffed toy...her fav!  
-lots of books

-Sitting up!  We were waiting for this for a while now.  She loves tummy time so much and still inches down from a sitting position to be on her tummy but she's gotten so strong sitting up.

pumpkin pie, sweetie pie, baby girl, silly Lily

Postpartum: Feeling a bit tired lately but we've had a lot going on and work is getting busier.  Diet is going great. I'm down 10 lbs since Jan. 1st and that makes it 8 pounds less than where I was when I got pregnant.  Yay!  20 more to go...ugh.

This mornings photo shoot was a bit challenging but I got some good ones.


  1. Jeni - thank you SO MUCH for doing this. I know you are crazy busy but I am so happy to see an update each time. You will be happy that you did it also when she gets older. I started out okay with a baby book, but when things got busy, I didn't keep up with it since I was the only one who saw it. This is better... all your readers keep you honest! I love all the pics and the updates. Can't wait to see you all in person (and dog) soon! Love ya!


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