Week in Review

Monday we went on a nice walk with Melissa & Jack.  We did the hills again...wish I could do those everyday!  After our walk I stopped by my friend Lindsay's house to pick up the baby Eisenstein jumper that we've been letting Alden borrow (since Lily was too small...but not anymore!).  Lily loves it, I still have to put a pillow underneath so she can bounce but its great.

Monday just hanging out at home
Tuesday morning we had a Doctors appointment for Lily's 2nd flue shot round.  She was a trooper and obsessed with the paper on the table.  Now weight or height check though :(  After the doctor we headed to Micalea and Ensleys for playgroup but no pictures were taken.  boo!  After playgroup we played outside on the deck before Rollie got home early to watch Lily while I attended our 2nd annual company Giants game outing.  Busy but fun day!

Thursday evening I had our 3rd book club happy hour meeting.  We met up at Sweet T's for a little book talk, lots of wine, and girl talk.  After happy it was time to pack up for our trip down to Southern California.  New post coming up to recap our weekend.
Very curious at the Dr. 

Enjoying the warm weather on the deck 

Watching batting practice from Triples Alley at the Giants game

Melissa, Tony and I

On the way to daycare on Wednesday

Andrew (Jessica/daycare son playing with Lily...he loves her so much)

Book club happy hour.  We read Chelsea Handlers new book, "Are you there Vodka its me Chelsea"


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