Week in Review & Michigan

Where do I start?  It seems like its been forever since last Monday.  I worked last Monday and don't seem to have any pictures in my phone so nothing interesting must have happened.  On Tuesday morning Lily and I hit up Boudin bakery for some coffee and a sourdough roll before meeting two of my coworkers for a walk at Spring Lake.  After our walk the four of us girls headed out to Russian River and Dry Creek Valley for a little wine tasting and touring.  Kellie moved from Colorado to Napa and has never been to this side of the valley so Sally, our terrific tour guide, showed her around.  Sally used to work for Gallo and her husband still does so we were able to check out some of Gallo's private properties; Frei Ranch and Mac Murray Ranch.  Both amazing.  That afternoon I got a spray tan for Shannon's wedding then relaxed at home.
Lily at Boudin
Kellie and Lily at Gary Farrell Winery
Sally, Kellie, and Lily
me and my girl!
Mac Murray Ranch
Climbing the short stairs 
A Lily sized chair
Views from Mac Murray Ranch
Lily exploring Frei Ranch

 Wednesday I ran last minute errands before our trip and packed.  Thursday morning we were off for Michigan. Our flight was delayed which was a bit stressful seeing as though we already had a tight layover and the original time would have been perfect for Lily's nap but we made it ok.  Flying has definitely gotten more difficult then the last time.  It was really hot and hard for her to fall asleep.
Helping me pack

Thursday evening we relaxed at my mom's while Lily got super spoiled, cleaned up and went to sleep.
Watching the planes go by
November watching over Lily while she slept
Standing up on her own for the firs time
Enjoying breakfast at Grandma's 
Grandma and Lily crawling all over 
Toy Soup
Sporting her shades
Lily and her Great Grandma
GG giving Lily 'sprinkles' before naptime
Bj and Lily

Friday Rollie and I headed up to Howell (about 45 minutes from my home town) to help Shannon decorate her wedding venue.  Well, Stephanie, her mom, Shannon's mom and I helped while Rollie went down the street to the local pub :)  Shannon's wedding was at the historic Howell Opera House which was really neat.  The upstairs hadn't been touched in almost 200 years and the downstairs has really great store front windows which we decorated with flowers, pictures, etc.  Later that afternoon we checked into our hotel room and freshened up for rehearsal dinner.  We rehearsed and then partied.  It was very nice to be out late with friends and not worrying about getting home for miss Lily.
The girls
The happy couple
Baby free!


Saturday was the big day.  Us girls headed to a family friends of Shannon's to get our hair and makeup done.  Shannon really lucked out because the humidity and head and died down and it was a beautiful day.  Shannon looked absolutely amazing.  Her hair was a giant bow to match her giant bow on the back of her dress.  Anyone that knows Shannon knows how super girly she can be and she looked just like a princess.  The wedding went off without a hitch and was super fun.  Lily was the flower girl and totally rocked it.  Rollie 'walked' her down before the wedding party and then picked her up for the remaining stretch.  Between Rollie, Tom and my Mom they watched over Lily during the reception and around 9/9:30 my Mom and Tom drove home while we continued to party.  The party continued back at the hotel...I definitely haven't been up that late in a long long time and paid for it the next day.
The bride getting ready
The bride helping the best man with his tie
Best flower girl ever! 
Add caption
I think Shannon's ready :)

Steph, me and Laura
My loves 
The after party

Sunday after sleeping til 9:30!  Yay!  We packed up and heading back to my Mom's then headed to my Grandma's for the afternoon.  We all lounged in her back yard, even taking a little nap on the ground and then went for a great swim in the Lake.  I feel so fortunate to be able to share the same childhood memories with Lily that I have and even my mom have from Hammond Lake.  That night we enjoyed Arabic take out and strawberry shortcake both of which Lily devoured.  My brother loved playing around on the floor with Lily too.
Hanging in GG's backyard
deep convo

Four generations

Monday we relaxed at my mom's all morning which was really nice before meeting up with Rollie's cousin for a bit before we had to head to the airport.  She has a 15 month old so its cute to see Liam and Lily play. Its always too short and their are always people we can't fit in but Lily and I will be back in November for my Grandma's 80th.
Lily and Liam

As always its good to be home and back into the routine but missing family and friends already.


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