Week in review

This week was a doozie (is that a real word?!). My Monday started off with a 7am 10 hour work day...Yipee!  Rollie got Lily dressed and ready for daycare that day which meant giants tshirt.

Tuesday I walked spring lake with my friend Sally from work, ran errands, went to playgroup, then ran more errands.

Wednesday I went for a solo jog before Rollie left for work which is always nice. Then Melissa, jack, lily and I headed down to the Bay Area discovery museum.  That place is great. The first Wednesday of the month is free and parking is always free.  Double score.  It's right at the north side base of the golden gate so the views are incredible.  The museum itself will be better for the kids on a couple years but they still had fun.  The tot zone is for crawlers and beginning walkers.  After a couple hours inside we enjoyed a great picnic lunch right by the bay.

That evening Rollie took Lily to her final swim class while I went to book club (happy hour)

Thursday, 4th of July was busy for me at work but after the chaos we went to the Patels for a festive bbq and fireworks.  Dawn had such a cute spread with red white and blue all over.  I love the 4th but I was so tired and Lily was up too late...times have changed!  Can't wait til next year when she can hopefully 'get' the fireworks.

Friday and Saturday were 2 more long days for me at work, but Rollie and Lily had some nice down time together. 

This morning Rollie was supposed to golf but his back was still tweaked from cutting down a tree in the backyard Friday.  He let me sleep in until 8:15 which was glorious.  We cleaned the house, went to breakfast, and lowes. This afternoon I did some yardwork, got the car washed and then got a massage.  Nice little Sunday.


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