Busy week in review

This week started off with some cuddles in bed.  Much needed.

On Tuesday morning Lily and I hosted playgroup.  I made some delicious lemon glazed cookies from the lemons in our backyard.  It was a bit chaotic with our contractor working on the bathroom and Rufus barking from outside wanting to come in a play with the babies, but we made it work.

Wednesday morning we had our walk with Melissa and Jack...the last one for 2 weeks since she is on vacation and then we will be.  Before our walk Lily helped me brush my teeth :)  After our walk we met Lyndsay, Rosey and Vanessa for an early lunch at Chloe's.  That afternoon we headed out for some errands. We browsed TJ Maxx for a mini hot air balloon base for Lily's birthday party.

Thursday was back to work.  I love how Lily is always happy though.  I've said it before but we are so incredibly lucky to have such an easy going smiley baby.  Thursday evening we met up with Dawn, Ariya, and Amar at the concert on the green in Windsor.  The babies loved dancing to the band and us grown ups were able to relax a bit and enjoy some vino.  I snapped a picture of Lily laughing super hard while I was tickling her tummy and you can see all 4 of her upper teeth getting ready to come through.  It looks painful. Poor thing.

Friday was a long hot day at work so that evening we just relaxed and snuggled on the couch.

Saturday while I was at work Rollie and Lily took Rufus to the vet for his yearly check up and vaccinations and tried out our new stroller.  We love it!  Its a 'fancy' umbrella stroller that still reclines all the way back and has great storage.  We needed something lighter and smaller for all of our trips and I finally found one, it only took me ordering and returning 3 different types!  Its an Italian brand, Ingelsina, and its a cute yellow and grey color too!  Saturday night we met the crew (my playgroup friends, hubbies, and babies) over at Lyndsay and Avery's for an amazing bbq.  Avery smoked a pork shoulder for 12 hours!  It was seriously the best pork I've ever had.  It was the perfect summer evening hanging out with good friends.  Us mom's always always have to take crazy pictures of course.  Rollie also painted the first coat of our bathroom.

Sunday was a packed day but all fun.  Rollie played golf in the morning with Amar while Lily and I jogged around Spring Lake.  Then we painted coat 2 of the bathroom.  Headed over to Rosey and Tim's for Vanessa's 1st Birthday!  It was a beautiful day, yummy food, and homemade beer for the occasion.  After party number 1 we headed home and all took a nap.  Yay!  That evening we headed over to my coworkers house for a housewarming party.  So happy to have more new friends on this side of the hill!  Wow!  I'm exhausted.  

Time to rest up for our trip to Michigan.  Luckily we have no plans tonight, Tuesday or Wednesday except packing and cleaning house.


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