Lily 21...almost 22 months

Its been way too long since I did an update on Miss weekly pregnancy updates are about all I can manage to come up with these days.  Lily will be 22 months on the 21st of June...I can't believe we almost have a 2 year old!  Her personality has definitely shined through in the last few months.  Tantrums, meltdowns, picky eating, and strong opinions are definitely relevant these days.  One thing that remains the same as the last 21 months is that she is still a fantastic sleeper (PLEASE let this happen with #2).  Now that summer is here and it is darker later we try to push bedtime to 7:30 even 8:00 but she is the first to tell you when she is ready for bed.  "I"m tired, or nigh night" and if those words are uttered she means it.  She wakes anywhere between 6am and 7:00am (we prefer the later of course) and naps are consistent at 2.5-3 hours from noonish on.

Right now she loves, trucks, cars, balls, bubbles, animals, reading books/being read to, chasing Rufus around the house, playing on the new grass in back, slides, shoes (putting on mine and taking off hers of course), climbing (finally big enough to get on couches, chairs, etc., colors (purple is her favorite to say), checking out the babies room (I think she finally knows something is going on in my belly and in the room next to hers), playgroup buddies (she knows and always says all their names), "Mickey" (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), "Izzie" (Jake and the Never land Pirates), and "pat pat pat" (Little Einsteins).  We try to only let her watch a 30 min show in the morning and 30 min in the evening, but lets be honest sometimes its more.  At least I feel like she learns a little something from all of them.  Music class is also a big fav.

As for vocabulary goes there is no way I could count or remember everything she says.  She literally repeats EVERYTHING.  She's also speaking in partial-full sentences which is so cute.  "I buckle" (carseat),
"Good Morning", "I love you", "I'm tired", "I want a 'nack" (snack), and "Take a bath" (she says this if she hears the water running.  I'm sure I'm missing a ton but these are the most common...along with Mom (not mommy or momma), Daddy, Ufus (Rufus), outside, up, down, baba, water, pretzel (that's a new one!), cookie, food, 'nack, pee pee, book, bunny (her bunny blanket), Mickey, and shoes.

Food...ugh!  The dreaded mealtime.  What happened to our great adventurous eater?!  Breakfast is still great (fruit, sausage, eggs, pancakes/waffles) but the lunch and dinner are so hit or miss.  She pretty much won't touch vegetables at the moment and the only other things that I know she will eat without a fuss are crackers (goldfish, cheese itz, pretzels, etc), fruit snacks, nutri grain bars, yogurt, fruit of pretty much any kind, corn, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and milk of course.  Cheese is totally hit or miss as is pasta (most toddlers go to's).  At times she will eat pasta with marinara, other times she acts like its poison...covers her mouth and screams.  Awesome.  It really stresses me out but our pediatrician assures us that its totally normal and she's probably getting plenty of calories and some days she will eat a ton and others not much at all.  I just wish she would eat more meat like she used to.

Other mentionable items...weight 24 (ish) pounds height is between 30-31 inches.  Hair is continually getting lighter. Still has those amazing baby blues.  Dislikes...getting dressed, getting hair brushed, getting into car seat and when we say no :)


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