29 weeks

Cooking time: 29 weeks, 3 days 

Weight gain: not sure, I'm only weighing in at the doctor these days.
Food aversions/cravings: just my usual sweet tooth.  I found out last week at the doctor that I am very anemic again so instead of suffering through iron pills and their side affects I'm trying to eat more iron rich foods...leafy greens, beans, dried fruit, beets, and meat.  Rollie made the most amazing dinner last night.  We wanted to recreate our steak au poivre from Paris and it was killer!  I could eat filet mignon every night until my due date...its good iron, right?! 

Sleep: back to pretty good, with the exception of Lily's new 5:30am wake up time! Ugh.

Movement: Tons and tons!
Overall feelings/symptoms: starting to slow down...alot.  My hips, back and pelvis are just achy.  Work has been crazy so that doesn't help and I've really been trying to walk alot.  I did my 3.5 mile loop 3 days in a row this week which felt great but definitely not as easy as it normally is.  Heartburn comes and goes but tagament and tums are lifesavers.  Little things like cleaning and picking up toys (and Lily) are becoming exhausting.  I think I'll be really happy in a few weeks when I can say I only have single digit weeks left to go! 

What we've been up to: Spending lots of quality time with Lily.  She's getting so good at her Abc's and counting to 10 (well she loves 2, 5, 10 for some reason but its the cutest).  We did a few more things to the back yard and had two ceiling fans installed into both girls rooms-such a difference!

No pics for 29 weeks...but here are some from this week.


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