30 weeks, 10 to go!

Cooking time: 30 weeks on the 30th!

Weight gain: 20, so it's safe to say ill probably gain more than with Lily.

Food aversions/cravings: nothing new this week.

Sleep: pretty good still.  All last week Lily was waking up at 5 or 530 which was not ok.  The last two mornings have been much closer to her normal 630 or 7 so I'm very grateful for that.

Movement: Tons and tons!

Overall feelings/symptoms: Exhausted.  The bliss of the 2nd trimester is over.  As I write this (at 6pm) I can barely keep my eyes open and we didn't have an out of the ordinary day.  My hip and back hurt to, possibly thinking about seeing a prenantal chiropractor.

What we've been up to: This weekend was packed with friends and wedding events.  So much fun!

                30 weeks with Lily...

           30 weeks with baby sis...

A few others snaps from this week.

Our good friends Tom & Jean Claire got married this weekend, here are a few pics.  The venue was right around the corner from our house!  It was a beautiful night.


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