Sick of being sick

Last week was one for the books.  Monday we did our usual stroller strides and errands. I picked up the coolest marquee light sign at home goods to go above our new buffet table. Our dining room is now somewhere I enjoy sitting. Before it was just blah.
Lily helping me shop of course.
And Piper being happy as usual.

Tuesday we went to stroller strides but playgroup was cancelled because 1/2 our group was sick...and then that afternoon it hit us. Again. For the third round. This winter has been ridiculous. Since New Years one of the four of us has been down for the count.  I'm beyond over it and have lost all patients.

On a happy side note, Piper us working really hard on sitting up on her own.

Wednesday & Thursday lily was too sick to go to school so Rollie and I took turns staying home. Piper went to daycare.

Over the weekend we celebrated a friends birthday with a date night out Saturday (thank you Connor & Haley for babysitting) and then relaxed pretty much all day Sunday trying to get healthy.

Oh and made cookies :)


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