On the mend

Well we're all on the mend. Finally. This week started off with stroller strides of course and then I walked spring lake with my friend Melissa and her 10 week old Ensley. Both the girls fell asleep...crazy town!  Then we had lunch at Chloe's...mmmm 
Lily still took a good nap regardless of falling asleep in the morning, so Piper and I had some quality time.
Tuesday we went to barre stroller strides and then had playgroup at Micaelas. It was beautiful out and Lily was loving the lemons the wheelbarrow.
And then Piper continued to NOT sleep ALL day.

Wednesday after work we resumed our dinner club with Meghan, the chamians and the weeds. They got a new puppy, paisley and both of the girls were in love.

Thursday & Friday were the usual work/daycare/preschool with the exception of a call from Lilys school Friday afternoon saying she had a 101.5temp. Rollie picked her up and got a late dr appointment to find out it was a double ear infection :(. Poor thing.

We also rearranged a few things in the playroom and Lilys room.

Today I met a friend for brunch and then Kerry and Kristen came over for a bit. We all napped and then ran errands this afternoon. 


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