Playing catch up

Well believe it or not everyone (except me) got sick AGAIN! This time it was the stomach flu...ugh! Lily got it first last Saturday after waking up from her nap. She had thrown up all over her bed :/ That night we were supposed to go out to a huge 30th birthday party for our friend Kristina, not to mention it was our 6 year wedding anniversary.  When I got home from work around 5:30 we decided we had to cancel our sitter. Rollie being the great amazing fantastic husband & father that he is agreed to stay home and let me go out with our friends.  It was an amazing Great Gatsby themed party. I might have had a little too much fun!

So back to the sick thing. Poor Piper got it by Thursday afternoon and had it pretty bad until Saturday.  I stayed home from work Friday with her and she literally slept all day on me with the exception of a walk in the afternoon. Then it struck Rollie on Friday night/Saturday :/  

A sick baby is quite possibly the saddest thing ever.

Two weekends ago our friends Dina & Nikki were in town for barrel tasting. Sadly we didn't get a chance to go tasting this year because of sick kids and schedules.  We did hang out at night as all day Sunday with them though :)

Dinas going to teach volleyball in Italy next month and then moving to Hawaii!! We will be coming to visit you soon :)

We of course celebrated St patricks day with cute outfits and corned beef.

And we've been enjoying the spring weather.

Here's to a healthy rest of 2015!


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