Still here

Well clearly all the birthday celebrations took it out of me since I haven't written in over a month.  Yikes!  I also left my job of 5 1/2 years for something closer to things have been a bit crazy.  It was not an easy decision to leave Duckhorn but being closer to home (and making more money) are two very important things for our family right now.  Although I'm closer to home I've been working a bit longer days, adjusting to new driving/drop off schedules and recovering from pink eye...yep lovely!  So far Piper and I are the only victims and really hoping it stays that way.  My new company is a smaller 'cult' Pinot Noir producer called Williams Selyem in the heart of Russian River Valley.  This weekend is our HUGE pick up weekend where we will see roughly 4,000 members in just 3 days.  So being sick was not an option for me.  I stayed home one day with Piper and Rollie took one for the team and picked Piper up early one day and stayed home all day with her yesterday.  He's the best Mr. Mom right now.

What else is new?!  We've had the eternal summer...ugh!! So ready for cooler temps.  I think Fall is finally coming this week.

We had a beach evening with Kristen and Kerry and Kristen's parents. 

We all went to our Stanford game as a family of four.

Rollie and I escaped to Mendocino county for a night.  Our lovely friends surprised us with an overnight at the Philo Apple Farm while they watched the girls.  We are very lucky!

We bought a new car!  (New job = new car, right?!)

Lily had a little four session dance class "look at me I'm 3"  It was adorable...I think we will do the next session too.

We had a few play dates here and there.

I went wine tasting with some Duckhorn girls and had a nice celebratory dinner out with all my old coworkers.

We've been to a few pumpkin patches (naturally).

We had a fun Sunday out with friends wine tasting and attending a pick up party where a few of us are members.

Lily had official school pictures taken. 

Rollie's mom came to visit, and we enjoyed a night out in Guernville, Lily and Rollie went to Emma's 3rd Birthday Princess Party.  And Rollie and I attended my companies employee Harvest Party.

Although this weekend is crazy for me at work.  I snuck away to dinner with friends last night to the newest restaurant in town called The Bird & The Bottle. 

Wow!  What a month.  I'll do my best to keep up to date now...but no promises :)


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