Grandma Lori comes to town (part 1)

My mom came to town for the last 2 weeks in April.   We packed in so much and it was wonderful. She was able to have some nice one on one time with the girls too.  The day we picked her up we of course went to Ikea to scope out kitchen ideas and pick up a few things.  Afterwards we had dinner at The Homeroom (Mac and Cheese for days!).  Meghan was able to meet us too since she just lives down the street in Oakland.  The girls were great at both places. 

The next day the girls went to school/daycare while we had some adult 'girl time'  We met up with Kerry, her family, and Kristen for a lovely day.  Started at Martin Ray for lunch and a wine tasting-the ground were just stunning.  Then hopped over to Iron Horse for some bubbles.  My mom and I separated from the group and hit up the outlets for a few new outfits for Lily before heading to a Paint Nite.  It was so much fun!  We painted Bessie the Cow and we were out in Petaluma literally right next to a field of cows. 

I worked for a few days while my mom played with the girls and helped out a ton with our front and back yard.  We freshened up the front and planted some roses in the back (fingers crossed I can keep them alive).
Rollie and I escaped for a date night to Scopa, a restaurant we've been wanting to try for a while. 
We met Anne down in Sausalito for a late birthday celebration brunch. Walked around the harbor afterwards and of course got ice cream.


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