May in a Snapshot

May 3rd- Lily started her 2nd round of gymnastics followed by a park play date of course.

May 4th-Piper in the last few months has really enjoyed reading/being read to.

May the Forth Be With You-

May 5th- Lily recorded a radio commercial for school and got Starbuck treats afterwards with Beth, the owner of her school.

May 8th- Family Sunday Walk and Home Depot Date

May 9th- I completed our black gallery wall

May 10th- walk with friends

My birthday week...Cake from Kristina, cake and lunch at work, and then a lovely surprise from Rollie and all my friends.  They captured me at work and took me for day of wine tasting.  Kosta Browne, lunch and tasting at Hartford, & Martinelli and then dinner at our favorite birthday spot, LoCocco's.  The biggest surprise of all was that Dina flew in from Hawaii to be here!  The next day (my actual birthday) we spent lounging in the square in Sonoma with Keith & Michelle.  Janet watched Piper so we just had Lily which was easy and fun.  35 started out well!

May 20th- we decided to paint the rest of the house...yikes!  And knowing our kitchen reno was right around the corner.  I was super sick of the beige so we are going with a bright clean natural grey. 

May 22nd- we celebrated Quinn's 2nd birthday fish style

May 23rd-K&K watched Piper while Diane (daycare) fought the stomach flu...which then made its way around our entire house, hitting me the worst nearly 2 weeks later in June.  I hadn't been that sick in probably a decade.

May 24th- more gymnastics and a walk home holding hands

May 25th- shopping buddy, and my favorite Peonies

May 28th-fighting the heatwave and Memorial Day BBQ's, bike rides, pools and slip n slides

May 31st-pool date with friends 


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