June 2016

Well between starting a kitchen renovation,weekend trips, more stomach flu nonsense and just plain old life I clearly haven't blogged lately.  It's August?!  WHAT!?


We checked out the downtown Santa Rosa Farmers Market

Lily technically had her last day of 3's preschool-she's heading into PreK!

Rollie took the girls to the children's museum one Saturday while I was at work

That Sunday we headed into the city to play tourist a bit in the Presido and have brunch with Cathy & Sal.

I met Meghan and Melissa in Yountville and let the girls play at the Park and then had a delicious lunch at Reddwood

Some coworkers and I went to an industry night at The Farmhouse Inn

Piper (in her last month at daycare) made besties with Ruby

Lily got a 2nd haircut

Lily also started group swim lessons before private lessons in July

Over Father's Day weekend headed down to Carmel Valley with the Patels and Kliegls.  Dawn named it Carmel Summit 2016-love it! We enjoyed lots of fun at the pool, delicious food and wine of course and even got a night out as just us adults

After returning from Carmel we survived another heatwave

We had a quiet a health scare with Rufus, our first baby.  One day while laying on the couch with him I noticed a pretty bad lump that seemed infected.  I called the vet and took him in right away.  They agreed it didn't look good and took a biopsy and sent it off to the lab.  A few days later they determined they we should have surgery to remove it along with another one.  Luckily they ended up being benign-but it was a pretty stressful week. 

After that crazy week, Rollie and I took a much needed date night and headed up to Geyserville.  We finally got to Diavola which I've been wanting to dine at for years.  It definitley lived up to the hype.

Our friend Angela was sweet enough to take the girls to the museum one morning while Rollie started to demo the kitchen, and then the following day Kerry and Kristen came over and helped him demo the rest.  We then braced ourselves for living out of storage containers, no kitchen sink, no dishwasher and lots and lots of paper plates and creative meals.

We rounded out the month visiting Kerry at work one morning and treating the girls to ice cream, a special movie date with just Lily and I and a summer concert in the park with friends.

Geez-when I look back at pictures for an entire month I guess we really do pack it in!  


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