The Kitchen Reno

I was going to jump right back into a monthly update from July but looking through my phone I realized that our kitchen needed some loving.  We decided after the first of the year to update our kitchen.  We needed some not so fun updates to the house (furnace, siding/rot issues fixed on the chimney and the guest bathroom) so while we were deciding how to pay for all of that-oh home ownership-Rollie suggested doing the kitchen.  I immediately got anxious and was terrified of making those major decisions not to mention being without a kitchen for 4-8 weeks, give or take.  We now know that we are going to stay in this house for the next 10 years (or so) so why not make it what we want.  We made some minor upgrades to the kitchen 3 years ago but the space and layout still didn't work in our favor...and we both wanted to take a sledgehammer to the cabinets.  I really can't take too much credit for the beginning stages of the plans.  Rollie really took the time and effort into choosing the layout and then brining me the options.  I knew what I wanted design wise but the layout scared me.  We have 2 living spaces, which was nice but not necessary and it was much more important for us to have a bigger kitchen and casual eating area.  Of course once we were ready to start our contractor went MIA!  We've been working with him for years so it was pretty odd and the thought of finding someone else wasn't even an option.  Luckily he pulled through after explaining that he was having some family matters that needed priority. At the end of June we packed up everything and made a makeshift 'kitchen' in our dining room.  The day the cabinets were delivered was quiet funny...I watched 2 guys deliver 62 boxes that needed to 'acclimate' to the house for a few days, and we also had to check each piece for any damage.  Our contractor got to work and it was actually a much quicker process than I had imagined. Just a month later it was done.  We still need to paint our ceilings and decorate a tad but we couldn't be happier.  My favorite thing is of course the GIANT butcher block island and Rollie's is the beautiful wine fridge.


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