Finishing up July

After returning from Clovis Piper started preschool with Lily!  It's really  nice having them at the same school, Rollie now drops them both off and I pick them both up.  I get to work a little earlier than I used to and leave a little earlier to make it to the other side of town to preschool.  I think they are getting to know each other better and learning to thankfully get along better too!  Lily started private swim lessons at Micaela's house with Ms. Kelly (same instructor as last summer).  She's still hesitant with her face in the water but her confidence is in a good place. 

We enjoyed lots of outdoor summer dining...breakfast in Guerneville one Sunday with K&K and BK. Dinner that same day at Carmen's with the Patels and Kliegls.

A few Monday morning walks with friends, before they started back up at preschool in August.

Another outdoor meal at Steele and Hops a new pub house by us, followed by coldstone (kitchen reno = very little cooking).

More swimming...and another outdoor meal at the Chamian's along with Meghan.

At the end of the month we celebrated our besties 4th birthdays.  Ariya's with a fun night at The Patels and the next morning Ensley's gymnastics party.

On the last day of the month we hosted family dinner and the kids enjoyed Finding Nemo on the deck! 

We of course also enjoyed some quiet evenings at home soaking up the new kitchen.


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