Fall is Finally Here! Sept 26th through Oct 2nd

I We had a pretty lazy day on Monday the 26th which is rare for us.  With only having one day off alone with the girls I typically cram it full of errands, play dates, walks, etc.  We lounged around in the morning, took long naps and then headed to Trader Joes for a few things after the girls woke up. When Rollie got home we did a few random things in the front yard (trim hydrangeas, weed, mow, etc) while the girls played on their scooters.

Tuesday I headed into work for a normal day and right as I was pulling in I got a call from Rollie that Piper had thrown up in the car in the parking lot at school.  So I manged to work (quickly) for 2 hours and then I relieved Rollie so he could go back to work.  She was fine for the most part, a little cranky, tired, and didn't eat much, but luckily she didn't get sick again.  I was able to clean the house and decorate for Halloween-so still a productive day on my end.  

Thursday the 29th would have been my Dad's 62nd birthday.  I like to make one of his favorite meals on his birthday so this year we opted for flank steak, baked potatoes and green beans.  We also invited Connor over since its really nice to have more family around (and he doesn't eat home cooked meals very often being in college).  We opened a 2009 Larkmead Cabernet and watched the 2nd Somm movie for a nice cozy relaxing evening in. Something I know my Dad would have enjoyed as well! 

Friday at work I helped out with our annual pumpkin/harvest decor.  It was a nice little break from the usual grind and definitely got me into the spirit for the season! 

Saturday Rollie ran errands with the girls and they got to pick out some new pajamas with gift cards to the Disney store they had from their birthdays.  That night after work we met the Kliegls and The Patels at the last minute for pizza in the park.  It was so nice that no one had to dirty up their house and the kids loved playing well after it was dark-we should have been doing this all summer!

Sunday we made our annual trip to McClelland's Pumpkin Patch.  Its a bit of a drive compared to other closer patches but we love this one and its on a huge dairy farm.  The girls loved it and didn't want to leave!  After naps we headed to The Patels for family dinner.


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