September 19th thru 25th

Monday morning I took Piper for a solo walk with Sally and Jackie while Lily stayed home with Grandma Janet.  Then Pipes and I took a trip to Target. I've been loving this blog that Dawn introduced me to,'ve made at least 7 or 8 new dinners and every single one has been awesome.  That night I made a one pan chicken, bacon, green bean dish...we enjoyed eating outside as it was pretty warm that evening.  The girls enjoyed naked otter pops.

Wednesday that week we had Open House at preschool so we attempted to grab a bite to eat after school pick up before we had to head back at 6:30 but neither girl was having we took everything to go, slammed a beer and headed to Open House...we divided and concurred, me seeing Lily's classroom and Rollie seeing Pipers.

Sporting cute new tees.

Relaxing weekend at home.  We had my boss, Scott and his wife Brooke over for dinner on Saturday night...and ended up staying up until 12:30 talking and drinking delicious vino!

Sunday we lounged around, literally doing nothing most of the day which was glorious.  That evening we impromptu hosting framily dinner-Micaela was nice enough to bring the main dish over which was sooooo was this slow roasted chicken, beans and rice.  Her poor hubby has been working some insane hours during Harvest so he needed a quiet house that evening.  We all miss Kai, but not as much as his girls do I'm sure!


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