3rd Annual Carmel Trip

We are fortunate enough to have family with an incredible home in the Carmel Valley.  Four of us couples took off Thursday night for a long weekend (sans kiddos this time).  The Chang's drove with us because we all had to work full days and Chris had to wrap up a midterm before heading out.  We arrived around 11 and manged to put down a few bottles of wine with the Patel's and Kliegl's before calling it a night.

Friday morning I of course dreamt of sleeping in but I don't think I'm capable of doing so anymore :(
We totally lucked out with 70+ temps for the middle of March so we packed up and had the best day at the pool...playing cards, going down the water slide and just relaxing.  That night we got all gussied up and went to a fabulous dinner at the Hacienda on property.  We of course then ended the night in front of the fire.

Meanwhile back at home with Auntie K&K...

Saturday was a bit overcast so we literally did nothing all day except hang out, play games and drink/eat.  Oh...the guys went to lunch at the clubhouse so we made homemade face/eye masks.  That night we made a fun dinner at home and again sat by the fire.

Sunday we brunched and lounged before having to head back to reality.


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