March 17th thru 31st

Carmel was the weekend of the 17th-19th. That following Monday we watched The Kliegl girls for the morning.  Snacks, coloring, playing with babies and reading.

We must have had a little break in the rain so I prepped the deck a bit for Spring.

The girls love to "rock out" in the mornings heading to school.

Rollie ran some errands one morning with the girls and then brough me lunch at work.

Piper has been doing surprisingly well with potty training, she only wears a pull up at night and half time time during the day (and sometimes at night doesn't even tell us that she has to go, she just does it!)

We bought this $10 cardboard house that the girls can color on and camp out in.

Dina came to town for a night, she had a conference in Napa.  I picked her up from SFO and had a nice dinner just the two of us so we could catch up.  The next day she joined me at a baby sprinkle for Sally.  We had mimosas, mani/pedis and an amazing brunch.  Very fun to spoil Ms. Sally and her soon to be baby.  That evening Keith and Michelle came over for dinner and then drove Dina back to Napa.  We really need to visit her in Hawaii next!

That Monday we ran some errands, Old Navy, trader joes and smoothies at Dutch Brothers.

Poor Lily got sick again.  It was a really hard time for me to miss work but I ended up staying home with her on Tuesday and Rollie on Wednesday.

The girls dressed up for April Fools Day at school (a day early).


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