Florence Day 3

10/6 Museums

We slept in a bit and walked north of our hotel to explore before heading to the Duomo Museo. 12 Euro for both.  The museum is small but had some great pieces of art including: Michelangelo 'Pieta' and Donatellos 'Magdalene'.

After the museum we headed over to piazza croce, grabbed 2 diet cokes and 2 calzones at a little cafe along the way.  10 Euro.  We sat on the steps of Santa Croce and ate our lunch.  After lunch we headed over to the Uffizi, we had reserved tickets online prior to our trip so we could avoid the lines. 20 Euro.  No pictures are allowed in the Uffizi which is sort of a bummer, and there is no ac!  I think we would have lasted a little longer with some cooler temps.  The building is great though as well as the sculptures and paintings.  On the way back from the Uffizi we stopped at a few street vendors for some gifts (25 Euro) and then grabbed some beer to enjoy back at the hotel for our own happy hour. 6 Euro. 

After a nap we got ready for our last dinner in Italy :(  Rollie bought 4 silk ties for 10 Euro on the way to dinner.  Already in the market area again we decided on trattoria pizzeria.  We shared a liter of house red wine, some gnocchi with red sauce and mozzarella, and we both had pizzas for our main course...and it ended up being the best pizza of the whole trip!  34 euro.  We walked a bit of dinner off by heading back over to the Duomo for one last look and enjoyed the best gelato of the whole trip on the steps!  1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla, 6 Euro for a big size to share.  Gelato place was Il boun gelato right across from the Duomo. 

Thursday morning we woke up and headed over the market again for a few last minute gifts before heading to the airport.  We purchased some truffle salt, a bottle of lemoncello, and a bag of pasta.  12 Euro.  We grabbed a taxi to the Florence airport, 20 Euro and said goodbye to Italy!  We will be back, no doubt!


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