Rome Day 4

Sunday 10/3 'Free Day'

We had nothing planned this day and after the busy 3 days prior, we were pretty happy to sleep in, take our time getting ready and just bum around the city.   But first things first, we needed to check Saturdays college football scores at the internet cafe. 6 Euro (30 minutes). 

After the internet cafe we headed over to piazza novona, listened to a band play and browsed the many stands of artwork in the square.  We grabbed a slice of pizza and 2 sodas at a little cafe, Sale & Miele, 11 Euro and continued to walk aimlessly....whenever we do this we always end up at the Spanish Steps which we did yet again.  We climbed up the steps for some amazing pictures.  Pretty exhausted and in need of some r&r we took a cab back to campo di fiori, 8 Euro...grabbed some gelato, 2.50 Euro, a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of Chianti to enjoy on our patio, 15 Euro. 

We enjoyed our prosecco on the patio watching the crowds go by.  In the late afternoon we shared a panini, 3.50 Euro, and headed up to the roof for a little sun and reading.  After showering for the evening we headed back up to the rooftop to drink our Chianti and wait for Anne; Rollie's step mom to meet us for dinner.  She came up to see the view and take a few pictures before we headed out.

She really wanted to take us to this little restaurant she had been to before in our neighborhood but it was unfortunately closed (being a Sunday) so we walked around and stumbled upon Rosso Pomodoro, a modern Italian eatery.   We started off with a mixed appetizer of fried goodies: fried mozzarella rice balls, fried dough with marinara sauce, and fried potato balls.  Rollie opted for a spicy salami pizza for dinner and Anne and I shared 2 salads and 2 pasta dishes (one pasta with olive oil, eggplant, tomatoes and the other with pesto, tomatoes and cheese), and of course some house wine for the table.  For dessert I finally got my lemoncello!  After dinner we walked around a bit and stopped at 'our' gelato place before saying goodbye to Anne.


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