Lily: 3 Months (13 weeks)

Who knew keeping track of weeks/months was so confusing!  Lily's 3 month birthday was on Wednesday the 21st.  Every month just keeps getting better and better.  She's definitely interacting so much more these days which is so fun and exciting to watch her grow.  This hasn't been an easy 9 days for me, in fact they've been the hardest I've ever endured.  Anyone who reads this blog knows why so I'll spare the details (mostly because I'll breakdown if I write about it).  Lily took not just her first flight, but 2nd, 3rd, 4th...8 flights in 10 days!  (2 round trips to Michigan with a layover each way).  She

Weight: No idea!  We don't have another doctors appointment until the middle of December so it will have to be a guessing game and if I had to guess I would say around 11.5 pounds.

Health: Perfect...such a trooper with all the flights and people last week.

Diet:  mostly breast-milk but with the traveling and my stress levels we've added a formula supplement once a day.

Clothing: Mostly 3 month but a bit totally depends on the brand too.  I've noticed that carters, circo, and old navy are pretty right on but Baby Gap runs pretty big

Sleep: Surprisingly ok given all the traveling and time changes. Down for the night by 7, dream feed between 10-11 and then usually wakes up once around 2 and we give her pacifier and she falls back asleep and then up again around 330 or 4 to nurse and then up for the day between 6-7.  I'd really love to drop a feeding since I'm going back to work tomorrow but I generally feel pretty rested so I can't complain too much. 

Baby Gear We're loving:
-The Bob stroller
-Sofie (she holds her and its too cute)
-Dr. brown's bottles
-Fisher Price Swing
-Fisher Price Activity Mat
-Soothies (pacifiers)
-Summer Infant Fleece Velcro swaddles
-Stuffed Giraffe sound machine

-Stuffed bunny blanket/animal

-Loves walks and car rides still
-Still does great with tummy time and has rolled over several times from front to back
-Baths (but not getting out/dressed again)
-Stories at bedtime...she looks up and both of us and just smiles the whole time.

-Just trying to roll over more often
-We've been keeping busy with walks, playgroups, and hanging out with friends, but no new outings.
-An interesting new squeak noise...its adorable.


Postpartum:  Down to my pre-pregnancy I just have 20 extra pounds to lose!  I went for a jog by myself this morning which felt really really nice.  My plan is to jog 3 times a week and yoga once a week.

Mid spit up...nice one to show her when she grows up :)


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