13 Months

Well after Lilys birthday I failed to do a 12 month update and now I've passed the 13 month update by weeks as well.  Oops.

I wish we could freeze time right now.  She's so much fun and learning so much everyday.  She full on has her own personality.

Her favorite meal of the day is definitely breakfast where she eats a waffle, blueberries, and 2 turkey sausages along with 4-6 oz of whole milk.  Lunch isn't huge and then dinner can vary from day to day.  We're really trying to work on getting her to drink more water throughout the day.  Her favorite thing is definetly still meat & fruit.

Sleep is great.  She still naps twice (atleast when home) from 9-1030 and then again around 2 for 1.5-2 hours.  I don't think the transition to one nap is coming anytime soon.  Bedtime routine starts around 7 with a bath, bottle, play or reading time then asleep by 730.  For a while she was sleeping until 7am but lately it's been 6/630.

She can say momma, mom, dadda, dog, bye, baba, no (great), and up.  We're really trying to work in identifying body parts but she thinks were crazy.

It's definiltey harder these days to do anything in the evening so our social life is either hanging out with other families, having friends over to our house or doing things during the day.

We've been loving the parks with the Great fall weather.  She can crawl up the slide now which she is so proud of.  Oh and coloring!

Walking is right around the corner...she is so close!


  1. She changes so quickly! I love the pics, and the update. You do a great job on that. It does look like she is right on the verge of walking. And your life will change again. It always cracks me up that No is one of the first words they learn!


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