Well after browsing dozens of diy teepee's on various blogs and Pinterest last week Rollie and I finally decided to tackle one of our own for Lily's new playroom.  It looked easy enough...get 5 eight foot wood poles from Home Depot, pick out some fun bright fabric at Joanne's, and get to work.  Rollie drilled holes in the top of each wood piece and then we wrapped twine around the top.  That part was easy.  Then I started wrapping around stripes of fabric starting from the top.  Sounds easy...but it wasn't.  I was trying to be too perfect and the fabric just wasn't laying right on the wood.  Then I tried from the bottom up.  Nope.  Then Rollie suggested having long triangles of fabric go length wise vs. around the entire teepee.  This worked!  Thank you Rollie :)  Its not perfect, but we finally decided it didn't need to be and the imperfections actually made it look better.  We also opted for  vs. hot glue.  We still hot glued some pieces of fabric to the wood but nailing in the flat thumbtacks in was definitely a better approach.  I threw in some pillows and a old duvet for some coziness.  Hoping Lily likes it :)


  1. Nice job. I wondered how you would get the fabric to work, since you are wrapping a shape that isn't square. You did a great job. And if Lily doesn't love it right away, Rufus will, and she will follow him in.


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