6 Months with Baby Sis

Well I went to the Dr. on Monday and my due date is now pushed up to the 10th vs. the 15th.  This was the original due date before I had my first trimester ultrasound and that's when they changed it to the 15th but I'm now measure at 24 weeks vs. 23 weeks so I'll take it!  It will of course be frustrating if I go late but oh well, nothing we can do about that!

Cooking time: 24 weeks, 2 days

Weight gain: 14 lbs, definitely more than with Lily but like I said I'm really not worrying about it this time.  I have enough going on in my life and I figure I'll eat when I'm hungry and try my best to make healthy choices and avoid those chip cravings.

Food aversions/cravings: Nothing new.

Sleep: Pretty good, a few sleepless hours in the middle of the night but for the most part decent.

Movement: lots in the last week and getting stronger too! 

Overall feelings/symptoms: my back and hip have been great this week.  We are really going to try our best to walk 1.5-2 miles at night after work together as a family Monday through Thursday...we need it, Rufus needs it!   I've had a few days where she felt super high up and on my organs (diaphragm perhaps) and I was super uncomfortable.  It seems all too early for that but like everything else, things come earlier with #2.

What we've been up to:  Our yard is complete!  Rollie installed sod on Saturday and it looks amazing.  We are in the high 70s/low 80s so we are watering as much as possible but a bit nervous for our May water bill! We came in at exactly (give our take a few dollars) $2000 for the whole project.  If we would have hired someone I'm sure it would have been 4x that.  The side yard is still a blank slate but we will wait to tackle that next year.

We had a busy week last week.  Tuesday dinner as a family at Sweet Ts, dinner for my birthday with Rollie's stepmom Anne on Wednesday at Bravas (our new fav), dinner with my Duckhorn girls on Friday at AdHoc, and dinner with friends at Rosso in Petaluma on Monday.  Needless to say we are eating in all week this week.  We are also trying to push Lilys bed time to 8pm which means pushing back dinner/bath routine as well.  Usually she ate at 5:30 and then we ate after she went to bed but we are trying for 6:30/7:00 now as a family in hopes that it will broaden her food horizon.  She has become little miss picky! 

We also of course had fun at music class and playgroup.  

We are really looking forward to Memorial Day weekend since we will have 2 days off together! 

                  24 weeks with Lily
                     24 weeks today
           Favorite thing to do 'cheers'
                   Mississippi pie
                 My birthday dinner
            My 2nd birthday dinner :)

                 Walk before music

                 Obsessed with ice

                    Fun at playgroup 

             A trip to the bookstore

And the yard...


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