38 weeks

Cooking time: 38 weeks

Weight gain: 28 lbs

Food aversions/cravings: Nothing new...nothing actually sounds great until I actually eat.  I'm beyond uncomfortable so definitely small quantities.   

Sleep: Horrible!  I've been out on the couch the last few nights until 2ish in the morning.  When I used to see commercials for Restless Leg Syndrome I used to laugh a bit but now I realize its a real thing and it sucks!  Sadly I will probably sleep better once the baby is here.

Movement: Still a big mover.  Waiting for her to drop so I can breathe a bit easier.

Overall feelings/symptoms: Lots of braxton hicks, pelvic pressure, and getting tired very easily.   Getting up and down is really hard...pretty much just really uncomfortable. 

What we've been up to: Lily's birthday was last week and pretty much celebrated Thursday-Saturday.  Thursday night we picked up my Aunt in Oakland and went to The Homeroom with our friend Megan.  They have about a dozen different kinds of macaroni and cheese...amazing!  They were so sweet to Lily too with a singing birthday treat.  Friday morning Sara, Lily and I headed to Guernville for a little walk through Armstrong Woods Redwood Forest before meeting Kristen and Kerry at Big Bottom Market for more birthday treats.  Aunties K&K spoiled Lily rotten with a motorized Minnie Mouse car. She absolutely loves it.  Friday afternoon we prepped for Lily's party.  Saturday morning we had her donut party and that evening we all went out to dinner at Russian River Brew Co.  This week has been somewhat low key, just running errands, enjoying play dates, and soaking up my time with Lily.

                  38 weeks with Lily
             38 weeks with baby sis 


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