Baby W Nursery

The Nursery is complete!  A while back I promised Rollie that our second nursery would have a Star Wars theme.  Its pretty subtle and still 'pretty' but hopefully it makes him happy.  We would still love a few more details to come together, such as an Alphabet artwork with Star Wars characters and a few more things on the shelves, but for the most part its done.  The room was navy and neither of us wanted to paint so we worked with the navy and added in several shades of purple and grey.  We also needed it to act as our guest room so we bought a 'fancy' futon from Ikea that folds out to a queen size bed.

Here it is.  I really love how its turned out.

No room for a dresser so the closet will act as both

onesies, pjs, sleep sacks, pants & blankets 

Right side of the built-ins (need to fill picture frames)

changing area (still need actual pad from Lily's room) & need to hem curtains 

Left built-in 

Futon & gallery wall that we will most likely add to



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