35 weeks

Well somehow I managed to skip weeks 31-34.  Oops.  I honestly don't know what happened.

Cooking time: 35 weeks (tomorrow)

Weight gain: 25ish, at the dr last week it was 24...which was my total weight gain with Lily :/

Food aversions/cravings: nothing new.  I'm definitely at the point where I can't eat much.  We indulged this past weekend in cinnamon roll biscuits with bacon, french fries, filet mignon, pizza, & mexican.  It was all delish but I'm so uncomfortable after eating.  

Sleep: pretty horrible.  Between the heartburn, peeing & restless leg syndrome I'm almost dreaming of middle of the night feedings.

Movement: So much, one active little girl...definitely feels head down at the moment so let's just hope she stays that way.

Overall feelings/symptoms: My back has done a complete 180.  It's 90% better.  I contribute it to a bunch of changes.  Taking it easier at work and at home with many thanks to my awesome coworkers & Rollie.  Water aerobics has been great too, I go atleast once sometimes twice a week.  Tylenol, although I haven't taken it in over a week except once this weekend.  Also stretching and not picking Lily up have all helped.  It's been a life changer.  From 30-33 weeks I was miserable, crabby and depressed.  Now I'm just huge and uncomfortable in other ways!  Lots of Braxton hicks too.

What we've been up to: As I write this we are in the car driving home from the airport.  Rollie and I spent the last 3 nights in Denver/Winter Park for my best guy friends wedding.  Hopefully ill do a recap of our trip soon.  I was a week away from not being able to fly, but I'm so glad I made it.  Flying wasn't as bad as I thought, but it was only a 2 hour flight.  Kristen & Kerry stayed at our house with Lily, Rufus, and Kerry's 3 nieces and nephew who are in town from South Carolina with Kerry's sister.  Full house! They are the best.  I have 4 work days left before going on leave.  I'm taking my full 4 weeks prior this time vs. only taking 2 before Lily was born.  She will be in daycare this week & next but after that home with us for the next 4 months!  I need to find somewhere for her to go once or twice a week though for her benefit and my sanity :)  We are having the house deep cleaned on the 13th...I can't wait!!  I'm also hoping to sneak in a massage that week as well.

          Top two from this weekend

                  35 weeks with Lily




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